Vijaita Singh

After much deliberation, India has added Uganda to the list of countries to which it extends the electronic visa (or e-visa) facility.

At present, India offers e-visa facility to only 18 of the 54 African nations. Following adverse reports from intelligence agencies, Uganda had been on the list of 36 countries, such as Egypt, Congo, Chad, Ethiopia and Algeria, which were not covered under the scheme.

“We were trying to convince the intelligence agencies to remove Uganda from the high-risk category of nations, as there is a healthy trade and business relationship with the African nation. The e-visa scheme will further boost our prospects,” said a senior government official.

The e-visa is an online pre-authorisation that allows visa on arrival through nine designated airports and three sea-ports for a 60-day stay. It entails a procedure that is easier compared to the normal visa process as applicants don’t have to visit the Indian mission and provide biometrics. Instead, it is granted on the basis of scanned documents uploaded by the applicant…