Nation is building reliable cyber security capacity to prevent any attack that it may encounter, said Information Network Security Agency (INSA).

It is building reliable cyber security capacity and systems for various institutions to enable them develop self-assessing capacity and active cyber defense mechanisms.

Sam Keiru is a Cyber Security Specialist for the United Nations of Africa told The Ethiopian Herald that technology is offering people a chance to improve their quality of lives. However, tech related crimes have become a major global threat.

… Senior Cyber Security Expert and Lecturer in the area Dr. Ahmed Hussen on his part said the government, to secure nation from the emerging cyber attacks, has enacted Cyber Crime law.

Ethiopia is late on implementing digital technology which is very crucial for development as it reduces costs through offering efficient and quality services. “However, we need to have a strong regulatory framework,” the expert added.

To this effect he commented “The government should work with intellectuals, academicians and private stakeholders on creating awareness to institutions and the public at large as digitalization is changing the way ofpeople’s life even at an individual level.”

Cyber, ifnot managed properly, it causes colossal damages as seen in many countries. “As hackers’ target financial and political institutions, as well as infrastructure dismantling activities, their economic cost is massive,” he stated…