Vice President, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia has announced plans by government to fix CCTV cameras in all Police stations across the country.

The move according to Dr. Bawumia will enhance security in these stations.

The announcement comes on the back of numerous attacks on Police stations by suspected criminals and thugs, the latest being the Kwabanya attack which led to the death of a police officer.

Speaking at the graduation of new Police Cadets, Dr. Bawumia said government will equip the Police Service with the required resources to deal with similar incidents that might occur in future.

“Negotiations have just been completed for the rollout of Phase 2 of the Alpha Project which will involve the deployment of 8,700 CCTV cameras in all 216 districts with three command centres in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. In line with our plans to equip the Police better, at least 1,000 new vehicles will be procured for the service this year. Already two hundred pick-up vehicles have been allocated with two hundred salon vehicles to be delivered in six weeks time with more to come,” he said.