All owners of SIM cards and mobile money accounts will from next month [November], be required to undergo re-registration.

The new directive from government is part of moves to fight mobile money fraud which has gained momentum over the past months.

Citi Business News understands the re-registration will be rolled out immediately after the national identification card comes into force.

Speaking to Citi Business News on the sidelines of the National Cyber Security Week 2017, Head of IT at the National Identification Authority(NIA), Matilda Wilson, expressed optimism that the re-registration of mobile money accounts will help curb fraud in the industry.

“It is necessary that the National Identification Authority sees to it that there is re-registration, so that all accounts can be verified from NIA. So after we certify you from the offices at NIA, then you go back to register as a mobile money user. The telcos now have a verified record on you sitting on their database so they can use that data to move on with their businesses.”…