Recording equipment was found planted under Thomas Thabane’s desk and near his office landline, just six weeks after he took office following his party’s victory in snap elections last month.

“It is true that there were bugging devices found in the prime minister’s office and as we speak investigations to establish who is behind this are ongoing,” the premier’s spokesman Thabo Thakalekoala said.

It also emerged that a biometric access control scanner at the entrance of Thabane’s office was malfunctioning. “This is a serious breach of the prime minister’s security,” said the spokesman.

But the prime minister “remains unshaken” said Thakalekoala, adding Thabane has appealed for “calm because the situation remains under control”

Thabane took power for a second time last month after his All Basotho Convention (ABC) secured electoral victory just four months after his return from South Africa…