Joseph Ackah-Blay | Austin Brakopowers

ghana data commission

The Data Protection Commission has dispatched a taskforce made up of the police to arrest Directors of Companies who have failed to register with it as required by law.

The Friday exercise, which started in the morning, will see the task force visiting the various hospitality centres and health facilities in the capital, Accra.

Head of Police CID Cyber Unit, Dr Gustav Yankson told the media companies that have not registered with the Commission as mandated by law will not be spared.

“The Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843) was promulgated in 2012 and till date, we’ve been doing a lot of sensitization and educating personalities of companies who collect data to register but unfortunately most of them have refused to do as required by section 27 of the law,” he lamented.

“Section 56 of the Act also requires that anyone who fails to register should be put before court,” Dr Yankson explained the Commission’s action.

The law was passed by parliament to protect the privacy of individual and personal data in the country.