By Ms Namaganda (Communications & PR Unit, Buganda Land Board)

…As a leading stakeholder in land management in Uganda, Buganda Land Board offers the Land Electronic card (LE card), a product which this country needs to in order to eliminate the widespread land wrangles. This brilliant innovation uses the biometric palm vein technology, which is as unique to an individual as to their DNA.

With BLB’s LE card, a transaction cannot take place on your land without your consent through your palm. The other way to say it is that for the fraudsters who are known to use every trick in the book to get a hold of your land, not even cutting off your hand and literally walking in with it to BLB offices, will work for them because the sensors using this technology can only function when blood is pulsating through your veins, before a transaction can be made on your land, or even, the minutest of details improved.

This country needs such innovations to fight the growing illicit land acquisitions that minister Nantaba talked about. Documents are not safe whether locked away at home or in a bank for safe custody. Someone can fraudulently and unlawfully forge your land title and get a huge bank loan off your land which can result in property loss…