The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has retrieved $1 million out of the $4 million allegedly embezzled by top officials of the National Communications Authority (NCA) and National Security under the guise of procuring a listening device to counter terrorism in Ghana.

Last year, National Security decided to procure listening devices, ostensibly to listen to the conversation of suspected terrorists.

A Ghanaian company, Infra Locks Development Ltd, was contracted and it charged $2 million to procure the equipment from an Israeli company at $6 million.

The arrangement was for National Security to pay $4 million upfront for the supply of the equipment. Upon installation, another 35 per cent would be paid, with the remaining amount paid after the device was up and running.

But with National Security without funds to pay for the equipment, the NCA was asked to procure the equipment.

National Security, therefore, did not sign an agreement with the suppliers and the agent; it was rather the NCA that signed the agreement.

“There was no agreement between National Security and the Israeli company or even National Security and Infra Lock. National Security was shielded and the NCA used as a front,” he said.

The minister said the board chairman, with the approval of the Chief Executive of the NCA, withdrew $4 million from the NCA’s account and deposited it in Mr Oppong’s account.

They then transferred only $1 million to the Israeli company’s account and then proceeded to share the remaining $3 million among themselves.

“Unfortunately, Ghanaians put an end to that scheme. This year, the Israeli company came forward to ask for what it thought was due it, because per the documents what was due it was $4 million as 50 per cent payment. So it had come to collect $3 million…