By Emmanuel Elebeke

The Nigerian Communications Commission announced that four million telecom consumers subscribed to the Do Not Disturb, DND, code between February and April 2017. DND is the short code, STOP to 2442, generated by the commission to enable consumers stop unsolicited messages from mobile networks.

Head of Public Relations at the Nigeria Communications Commission, Mr. Reuben Muoka, who disclosed the DND numbers last weekend in Abuja said that the NCC has put a lot of effort in place with expectations that all the critical issues bothering consumers would be addressed.

Meanwhile, there is apathy among subscribers towards the DND codesince its launch. At the beginning of the year only one million subscribers, out of the almost 150 million in the country,  used the DND code. A majority of other subsrcibers are suffering and smiling, either because they are not aware of the code or they  have not gotten around to using it. The four million subscribers which represent  over 150 percent increase, still has NCC on its toes considering that there are over 146 million connected phone lines. The commission was, however, quick to point out that more people might be aware of the provision and choose not to subscribe. “Our objective is to make sure Nigerians are aware of that solution so that they can make use of them. If you do not want to subscribe, it’s your decision. But we want to bring to the notice of telecom subscribers that the solution exists and we believe that if they take a step they will have their challenges resolved…

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