The Data Protection Commission is undertaking a yearlong free stakeholder engagement/workshop for all institutions to create awareness on data protection and the Data Protection Act, 2012 (Act 843). The workshops will be tailored to address issues on data protection in the various sectors.

2017/2018 Stakeholder Engagement/Workshop Calendar


MEDIA /JOURNALISTS Data Protection and Journalism
INSURANCE Things the Insurance Sector needs to know about data protection
SECURITY AGENCIES Complying with the Data Protection Act, 2012 as a Security Agency
 POLITICAL PARTIES Why political parties must comply with data protection
     PUBLIC & GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Implementation of data protection by public and government agencies
 JUDICIARY Data Protection in the Judiciary and the role of the Judiciary in protecting personal information
 LEGAL Implementing data protection in my practice
EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Addressing data protection in educational institutions
 RELIGIOUS BODIES Things the religious bodies need to know about data protection
HEALTH SECTOR Addressing the data protection challenges
 TELECOM/  ICT COMPANIES Addressing data protection in Telecom and ICT Companies
 HOSPITALITY Implementing data protection in the hospitality industry
 ACCOUNTS/AUDIT UNITS Implementing data protection in my practice
 BANKING & FINANCE Addressing data protection in the banking and finance sectors
 HUMAN RESOURCE PERSONEL Protection of personal data, access to data, confidentiality and data security of HR records
 MARKETING COMPANIES Data Protection and Marketing
 DATA PROTECTION SUPERVISORS The role of data protection supervisors in an organisation