The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in Kenya has announced that during this year’s general elections, scheduled for August 8th, a comprehensive solution of biometric technology kit will be distributed throughout the whole country. In a bid to host free, credible and fair elections over 45,000 tablet devices will be used to verify voter lists and to authenticate voters using both their photos and fingerprint recognition.

This is not the first time the country has used biometric, in 2015 a biometric registry was used for citizens receiving social subsidies.

According to a report by FindBiometrics, Kenyan government has appointed Safran Identity & Security to provide the technology during the elections. The company will be responsible for the authentication of registered voters in the election. Safran Identity & Security’s population registration solutions make use of the three main biometrics – fingerprint, face and iris. During the election, the company will make use of both photos and fingerprint recognition.

MorphoTablet devices, which are secure biometric tablets will be used to verify the voter’s list before the election and to authenticate the voters with their fingerprints and photo before allowing them to vote. The tablets will also ensure secure transmission of the voter turnout data and election results.